Gravenstein Update

For those still on the hunt for Gravensteins, we still have some! The outside of the trees are all picked, but up inside the tree there are still a good amount of green medium sized apples. We will be self-serve for the remainder of the Gravenstiens until we officially open on August 23rd for the season starting with Gala and Ruby mac.

We have a lot of ripe tomatoes already as well! Romas, slicers, and small cherry tomatoes too.

Looking forward to seeing you all at the orchard this year!

We still have Gravensteins!

We still have Gravensteins ready for u-pick! We will be open for the next few days until they are all picked and will update you all as soon as they are gone.
Head to the main orchard entry and follow the signs. We might be self serve off and on, so try to bring exact change if you can.
A customer told us she loves picking Gravensteins for drying and we can't wait to try it out. We would love to hear other ways you use your Gravensteins!

Gravensteins are ready, and blueberries are officially done!

Our gravensteins are ready to be picked! We will be open Mon-Tues, Aug.5-6, from 9a.m.-6p.m. or until they are gone. Gravensteins are great for applesauce and wonderful for baking.

We will also have u-pick cherry tomatoes and green bell peppers at $1 a pound.

The rest of the orchard will be open for u-pick in a couple weeks and we will keep you all updated on when things are ripe and ready!

The blueberries are officially done for the season. Thank you to all who came out and filled their freezers this year!