Gravenstein are Ready to Pick...Wow This is Early!

Opening day to pick Gravenstein apples is tomorrow (Monday) at 8am! 

We have half a row of Gravenstein, so if they are a must have to you, I would come in the next few days.  They usually go fast.

(Gravenstein are the ONLY apple ready right now.  The next apples, Gala and Ruby Mac will not be ready for several more weeks.)

Gravensteins are an oldie but goodie variety of apple.  They are excellent for baking and applesauce, probably one of the best, in many people's opinion.  Sweet-tart flavor with an excellent crunch.  

Many people I know, will let the apples sit for awhile before they use them for their pies, almost until they are getting a few days from throwing out, but not too soft that you can't use one of those apple/peeler/corer "machines."   They make a really good pie filling that breaks down some, instead of staying in stiff slices.  


Location: 4925 Rockdale St NE, Brooks OR 97305

Hours: Monday to Saturday, 8am to Dusk  Sunday 12pm-6pm.

Please spread the word because it is so early and many people will be sad to miss out on them.  

The easiest way to find the Gravenstein is to park up by the house/office area instead of the parking area out back.  There is a path that cuts through the orchard that takes you right close to the Gravenstein.  If you park out back, you have to walk the furthest distance to find them.

We will have lots of signs marking how to find the Gravenstein so it should be pretty clear. 

If you are new to our orchard, we have 5 gallon buckets for you to pick into.  Please bring containers to take your apples home in.

$10 per 5 gallon bucket (22-25# per bucket)