The Apple Orchard is Closed for the Season.

Somehow the apple season has already come and gone.  Thank you all for coming out and enjoying our apples and orchard!  We love having you out there!

Now "winter" officially starts on our farm.  We will start planning for next year, what we can do better in the apples, what worked this year and what didn't.  My dad makes his annual repair/improvement list to keep us motivated in what always feels like a long/cold winter!  We also take many educational classes to keep up our licenses and to learn more about managing our crops.

Looking forward to next year!  See you then!



Open thru Sunday, Nov 6th or until we run out of Granny Smith.

We have Granny Smith apples still to pick!

We will be self-serve all this week and closed for the season at the end of the day, Sunday, Nov 6th.  If we run out of apples before that, I will post here!

Please pay at the office after you pick.  Come prepared with the correct change or a check, just in case you don't see anyone around. 

The 3 rows of Granny Smith are marked with a PICK HERE sign.  When you park, the Granny Smith are the row directly in front of you and the 2 short rows to the north.   All the rest of the orchard has been picked clean.

Hazel says, "These Granny Smith sure are good!  Let's go pick some more Mom!"

Hazel says, "These Granny Smith sure are good!  Let's go pick some more Mom!"

Since our Apple Festival was cancelled a few weekends ago, we were invited to share our applesauce at the Gilbert House in Salem for their Halloween Bash for kids.  It was a really fun time seeing all the kids in their costumes and hearing what everyone's favorite applesauce was.  The sweeter applesauces took the prize!  Golden Delicious, Gala and Jonagold were the Top 3!