Honeycrisp, Ruby Mac and Early Variety of Golden Delicious are now ripe!

New varieties ready today!

For all those who we told the Honeycrisp would be ready in 2 weeks...SURPRISE!  Looks like they are ready now!  They snuck up on us.  They are ripe for the picking on the 3 main rows on the eastern-most side!

Ruby Mac and our early ripening variety of Golden Delcious are ready too!  So many good kinds to choose from right now!

Honeycrisp are probably our most raved about apple.  They are very sweet and juicy, plus they are a steal of a deal compared to a grocery store prices. 
They are best for eating out of hand, but also great for applesauce and pies.  They don't break down when you cook them so if that is what you are looking for, this is the apple for you.

Ruby Macs are a beautiful red apple with white flesh.  When you rub them against your pant leg, they just sparkle!  They are great for eating and baking.  If you are looking for a Macintosh apple, this is part Macintosh, part Rubinstar.  They have a heavier on the tart flavor but a touch of sweetness.  They are becoming a customer favorite.

We have a early ripening variety of Golden Delicious, actually called Smoothie.  To keep it simple though, we just call them Golden Delicious.  They get a pretty pink blush and are super sweet and crunchy.  These are my favorite of all the Goldens.  They just seem to have something special about them. 
Goldens are a good all-around apple, good for baking and eating.  They keep their shape when cooked.
Follow the signs to find them, because they start halfway down the row.  The first part of the row are also Golden Delcious but ignore them because they ripen later.


Happy Customers with their Honeycrisp apples!
That is one fun thing about having a u-pick orchard.  You sure get to meet lots of neat people!