Time to Harvest Granny Smith and Rome!

Two Great Baking Apples are Ready to Pick!

(And you know it is a crazy weather year when the Granny Smith are ready before the Fuji!!  I couldn't believe it was so!  Don't worry, you have not missed the Fuji apples.  They are close but won't be ready until early next week.  The trees have lots of Fuji this year compared to last year.  I will let you know when the Fuji rows are open!)

Granny Smith

Granny Smith

Granny Smith are well-known for their tart flavor and for use in baking pies.  They also are great for dipping in caramel!  It is possible to use them for applesauce too but you will likely end up adding more sugar to it then other varieties.  If you have other apple varieties to use up, mixing a Granny Smith or two in with them add yummy complex flavor.  My grandpa always says to add 1 or 2 to a batch of cider to give it a bit of a kick!




Rome apples are also an excellent baking apple.  They keep their shape very well when cooked and the flavor develops greatly when cooked.  They are a gorgeous, red plump apple. (This picture does not do them justice.)  The trees are loaded down with them this year so come see what you think!  They keep great too so you don't have to use them up super fast.


Other Apple Variety Availability:

Jonagold: Lots still available.

Golden Delicious: Lots still available.  Ask if you can't find them.  We have several rows in different places throughout the orchard.

Red Delicious:  Lots and lots in the front, older section of the orchard, but the main row is done.  Let us know if you need help finding them.  We will take you there!

Melrose: A decent amount left in the front, older part of the orchard.  If it has a hot pink ribbon hanging off of a tree, it will be a Melrose!


Our apple festival is on Saturday, Oct 10, from 10am-2pm this year!! 

We will have applesauce tasting, apple variety tasting, tractors for the kids and adults to climb on, Gator rides, apple crafts and some games.  All free!   Come check it out and bring some friends! 

(Find us on Facebook and we are having a giveaway for 2 free buckets of apples!)