U-Pick Blueberries are Comin' Up!

U-Pick blueberries will be here soon!

We will start Thursday, June 25th.  We will be open Thursday thru Saturdays, 9am to 4pm this year. 

We have a large field of Bluecrop blueberries.  They are our sweetest and biggest berries.  Located off of Brooklake Rd a 1/4 mile east of the only traffic light in downtown Brooks (99E and Brooklake Rd.  If you see a blueberry field covered with netting, that is the one!)

Our commercial blueberries we started picking Friday which is crazy earlier than normal.  We are all ready though so it is not a major stress.  Plus it is so wonderful each time we get those blueberries off the bushes!  We have a year's worth of time and money investment into those little things so the last few weeks can get a little stressful thinking of all the things that could go wrong right before you can get them picked.

My daughter got to pick her first blueberry this year!  At first she didn't seem to believe me that she could eat one.  But after I popped one into my mouth, she couldn't stop eating them it seemed!

We also put our blueberry net up again for the year over 10 acres of berries.  Each year we get a little better idea how to put it up faster.

The u-pick apples are about the size of a golf ball right now!  They are growing well, trying to get prepared for all you visitors in the fall!

We are also growing Radish Seed, Kale Seed, Tall Fescue grass seed, and Corn this year.  Our combine will be busy this year!

Miss all the activity you guys bring when you come to pick our apples!  But this year has flown by already so I know the fall will be here in no time.

Hope you are enjoying the summer so far!

I apologize for the layout of the words today.  I'm having lots of trouble with the formatting lately.  It seems like it has a mind of his own.  But I wanted to get the information out to you!