Special Labor Day Hours. CLOSED THIS SUNDAY!

Special Labor Day Weekend Hours
Friday 8am-8pm
Saturday 8am-8pm
Monday 8am-8pm 
Galas are ready for picking now!

 Determination even when it is raining!

Lots of yummy applesauce will be at their houses!
Other Farm Happenings:
Our corn was picked overnight last night.  A little bit more this morning and it will be all harvested.  The truck drives alongside the picker until their load is full and another truck takes their place. The truck then takes the corn to the cannery and comes back for another round!  Sometimes if it too wet, you have to pull a tote (a big bin) with a tractor instead alongside the corn picker, and then dump into the trucks.  Thankfully it was dry this year!

No better sight to a farmer than a harvested field!