Liberty, Melrose, and Jonathan making 9 available varieties

Liberty, Melrose and Jonathan are now ready! This makes 9 available ripe options in the orchard for you all to choose from! We are sure to be able to please all tastes with this many options. These three varieties are small crops this year, so if they are varieties you love make sure to come soon to ensure you get some while we have them! We also are almost sold out of our Honeycrisp. So if you haven’t been able to get some yet, or you were hoping for more, try to make it out soon before we run out!

Melrose is a great flavored apple that is sweet but not overly sweet. It is crisp and great for baking. It is even great for baking whole apples. Also wonderful to mix in with other varieties to add depth to your applesauce.

Liberty is a sweet/tart crisp apple that is great for eating and also our favorite apple for drying!

Jonathan is a classic American variety, and widely regarded as one of the best flavored with a good sweet/sharp balance. Also great for baking.

Our tomatoes are still doing great despite the start of the rain. We still have plenty for u-pick at $1 per pound. We still have an abundance of jalapeno’s for u-pick at $1 per pound as well!

We are now sold out of Bartlett pears but do still have d’Anjou and some Bosc left as well at $9 for a small bucket.

Pumpkins will be ready within the next couple days and we can’t wait to have you all out to pick out the perfect pumpkin! They will be 30 cents per pound.



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