Golden Delicious, Melrose, Liberty and Jonathon Apples are Ready!

Golden Delicious, Melrose, Liberty and Jonathon apples are all ready now!

Golden Delicious are a delicious eating apple. Sweet and mild with a great crunch. Excellent for eating, great for pies because they keep their shape and good for applesauce.

Melrose are a sweet, very slight tart tasting apple. Excellent for baking and excellent for cooking whole because it keeps it shape well. Great for applesauce and eating. Pretty good storing apple for a mid season apple. Flavor develops even more in storage and after cooking. Such a beautiful apple.

Liberty are a medium to small size but packs a punch of flavor. A sweet apple with a tart kick. Excellent for eating because it has a firm crunch and great for drying too. Good for baking and applesauce too.

Jonathon apples are ready too. They are great for baking, eating and drying. If you are interested in picking these, please ask us to show you where they are. We have 6 trees available.

We also still have tomatoes, jalapenos, and serrano peppers for u-pick.

Pumpkins are available soon too. Along with regular pumpkins we also have some large and small white pumpkins available this year and some small pie pumpkins too! $0.30/lb.