Braeburn, Fuji, Granny Smith, Golden Delicious and Gold Rush Still Available!

Looks like a rainy, breezy weekend ahead.  My favorite but maybe not for those who would like to pick apples! 

We will still be open!  If you want apples, you are welcome to drive here, crack your window open and give your apple order and we will go pick them for you!  How does that sound?! Ha!

There are some nice Fujis out there still.   Walk down to the orange cones we have placed in the row to find the best place to start picking.

If you are looking for Braeburn, they are available now in the southeast corner of the orchard by the road.  We have them marked with hot pink tape.  There are lots of apples still inside the trees too.  Just squat down and peer in and you will see what I am talking about.

Lots and lots of Granny Smith left and plenty of Gold Rush.  Golden Delicious too.

kuhn spreader.jpg

Around other parts of the farm, we are trying to trap those pesky moles and gophers that wreck havoc on our aisle ways and plant roots.  We are also starting to repair some equipment.  Above is a fertilizer spreader that you attach to the back of a tractor.  One of the bearings went out so we have to take it apart to replace it. Then we also have two people trying to clean up one of our blueberry fields.  We had a certain grass at the end of the summer that got out of control, plus we are always fighting the morning glory that likes to wrap itself around some of the bushes.  

It will soon be time to write up our winter repair list.  A list that never gets fully completed but gives us goals and direction in the dead of the winter when motivation is starting to lack!  Plus it helps figure out the priorities if time is lacking.  We also have our combine (the big machine that harvests our grass seed) that needs attention each winter.  $5000 usually goes into that machine every year (regardless if it is new or old) to hopefully ward off any issues during the crazy busy harvest season.  Well that's it for now!

Have a good weekend and hope all the kids have fun trick or treating in the rain.  We still haven't gotten a costume figured out for my oldest son!  Our first attempt was a fail :)  Hope you are having better luck than us!  :)