Do we grow blueberries organically at our farm?

We are not an organic farm because we have certain instances when we need to protect our crops but we only use plant protection products when necessary.

The biggest threat to our blueberries is a new fruit fly, called Spotted Wing Drosophila, that hitched a ride from Japan about 10 years ago.  The females pierce the ripe blueberries and lay eggs inside.  These eggs turn into worms inside the fruit.  Usually regular fruit flies only like decaying fruit, but this fruit fly likes ripe fruit like we do.   We have traps in our field that help us survey the level of Spotted Wing Drosophila present.

In the spring, when the blueberry bushes are blooming, we spray to prevent mummyberry.  Mummyberry causes the blueberries to shrivel when they become ripe and the berries to not be usable.  

We also use weed control 2x per year.  We need to control weeds so the blueberry bushes don't have to compete with the weeds for water, root space, and so the weeds aren't a host for pests.  We also need fields clean of weeds as best as we can so it is easier to pick blueberries with our machine harvester.

Hope that helps answer some of your questions!