Gala and Smoothie apples are ready!

For some reason apple season doesn't officially start in my mind until Gala are ready.    So I guess it is official :)

Galas are one of our sweetest apples. They are great for applesauce, baking and eating.  Lots of these available!

Gala 2Gala

Smoothies are a early ripening variety of Golden Delicious. They are a sweet apple too that are great for eating and baking.

They are a little hidden so we have a big white sign guiding you but you have to walk past half a row of seemingly good Golden Delicous (that are NOT ripe) to get to the Smoothies which ARE ripe :)  Trust me they are worth the effort.  They are very tasty!

Golden Delicious 2Gold Delicious

And of course we still have lots of Ruby Mac out there!

ALSO wanted to let you know that we will have more limited hours on Sundays this year, and will be open 12pm-6pm.

See you in the orchard!