Blueberry Availability Update

For those of you interested in we-pick/u-pick blueberries:

We are waiting for our blueberries to ripen again but are hoping we will have some ready by Monday for a guess. If you'd like to order some please call us at the phone number below, or look for the fruit stand to open next week.

We are planning on having the fruit stand out on 99E (1/2 mile north of Brooks) again this year when the next picking is ready. The days will be irregular because it depends on when berries are ready. We want the berries to be the freshest possible for you! We do know the hours will be 10am - 6pm when we are open, and we will have a credit/debit card available.

We also will have Sweetheart Cherries (Dark Red) Available...

If you are interested in u-picking, give us a call at 503-991-7207. $1.00/pound.