Honeycrisp apples are ready!!

Finally time for you guy's favorite apple!

Honeycrisp are an excellent eating apple.  Very juicy and sweet.  They are also great for baking and applesauce.  Honeycrisp keep their shape well when baked.

We have 3 rows of Honeycrisp, and an " every other tree is Honeycrisp" row.  As of right now, you will find the ripest Honeycrisp on the most eastern outside row of the 3 Honeycrisp rows,  and on the "every other tree is Honeycrisp" row.  If that is confusing, pretty soon all will be the same and it won't matter :)

honeycrisp 1















Honeycrisp 2

Honeycrisp 3




























Some of the Honeycrisp are more red (a tiny bit more ripe), and some are more green colored, like the bottom photo but don't worry, they are all sweet.  The green ones just don't get as much sunshine so don't get a chance to get as red.


Other apples still yummy and available:


Ruby Mac


(Check previous blog posts for information/pictures on each of these varieties)


Bartlett Pears are SOLD OUT.

In awhile we will have D'Anjou pears available.  I'll let you know when!




FYI, We are also on Facebook under Beilke Family Farm if you want another way to hear when your favorite apple is ready.