Gold Rush are Ripe! One of the Best for Cider/Hard Cider. Also Great for Eating, Baking and Salads.

Apple variety availability updated below on Monday, 10/19/15.

Gold Rush have a kick of flavor...tart with a hint of sweetness.

They are a good apple for many things.  Eating, Cooking, Baking, Applesauce, Salads, Juice and Hard Cider. Medium to small size.  Good Keepers too!  

My cousins made some cider with Gold Rush this weekend and they say it made the lightest, clearest cider compared to some of the other apples.  They liked using 3 Gold Rush to 1 Braeburn mix for the flavor.  They canned some too and will give me more feedback as it stores.  Companies that make hard cider call us frequently interested in the Gold Rush. 

We will most likely have apples to pick until mid November so you have lots of time to get all the apples you need!!  I will keep you posted on availability. 


Other Apple Variety Availability:

Fuji:  3 rows with trees still loaded halfway down.
Braeburn: Earlier I said we have 1/4 of a row left, but I forgot we still have a whole corner section in the older orchard area right by the road!!  So we have lots of Braeburn left. 
Golden Delicious:  So many left out there.  Ask us if you can't find them readily.
Red Delicious:  Plentiful.
Pink Lady:  10 trees left with apples.  The ones that aren't as pink, still have great flavor.  I did some taste testing :)
 Granny Smith:  Lots and lots. 
Rome:  2 rows with 1/4 of the row left.  The trees that have apples are loaded so there are still lots of apples available.
Jonagold:  Done.