Pink Lady is Ready!

It is not even middle of October quite yet....but the Pink Lady are ready!  Definitely a crazy year!  Pink Lady beat the Braeburn and Gold Rush to ripening which never happens!

Pink Lady are a great all-around apple. Tart-sweet flavor with firm crunch.  Our best keeping apple.  Great for baking, applesauce, and I really like it for drying.

Other Apple Variety Availability:

Fuji:  Lots and lots available.

Rome: 1/2 row left and the trees are loaded.

Granny Smith:  Lots and lots available.

Golden Delicious:  Lots and lots available.  SO good right now.

Red Delicious:  Lots and lots available.  Ask us to show you where they are.

Jonagold:  1/4 of a row left of each.  Such good flavor right now but they won't store a long time since they have been hanging quite awhile. 

Melrose:  May be gone by the end of today, but please ask because we do have a tree that is off by itself that we can take you too.