Gravenstein Update! Lots of Roma Tomatoes! Last Day of U-Pick Blueberries is Wed, Aug 9th.

Updated Wed, Aug 9th: 

Our hours for apples and tomatoes right now Mon-Fri are 8-5.  The next few Saturdays will be self-serve because we are tired :)  Closed Sundays.  Working too hard this summer in our commercial blueberries :)  But one of us is around the house or property so we have our cell phone numbers posted on the office door.  Just give us a call and we'd be happy to run out and help if we can to give change or weigh you.

Just walked the Gravenstein row.  You'll find some small to medium apples left if you bend down and look up inside the tree, especially the south half of the row. 

The last day to pick u-pick blueberries will be Wed, Aug 9th.  Open 9am to 12pm.  Thanks for all the word of mouth advertising you gave us this year!

Those tomatoes ripened faster than I expected so there is a good amount of Roma tomatoes out there now to pick!  Especially check out the Monica variety row (5th and 6th row in), it is loaded.  $1.00/lb to start the season.

The tomatoes are at the same location as the u-pick apples.  4925 Rockdale St NE, Brooks OR 97305.  Follow the gravel road back and the tomatoes are on the right.  (Opposite side as the apples).  We put some signs leading you back! 

The main apple season should start around the end of August with Ruby Mac and Gala.