Red Delicious are Ready!

UPDATED FRIDAY, SEPT 25TH for apple variety availability.

Red Delicious

Red Delicious

Red Delicious are good for eating. (Not for cooking use.)  I'm sure many of you are familiar with them from cafeteria lunches growing up!  Right off the tree, they will be much more crunchy than you are normally use to.  


Other Apple Update:

Jonagold:  Lots and lots.  Prime picking time!

Golden Delicious: Lots and lots.  Prime picking time also!

Melrose:  Main row is done, but MANY trees in the older orchard area.  We marked each Melrose tree in the older section with hot pink ribbon so you can find them.  Just look for hot pink!  Still very firm and crunchy.

Gala:  A small amount left.  Not as crunchy but will make a great tasting applesauce right now.

Ruby Jon: Done.

Liberty:  Done.

Honeycrisp:  Done.


Coming up Next:  Rome, Braeburn and Fuji.  Getting closer but still need to ripen more.


Our apple festival is on Saturday, Oct 10, from 10am-2pm this year!! 

We will have applesauce tasting, apple variety tasting, tractors for the kids and adults to climb on, Gator rides, apple crafts and some games.  All free!   Come check it out and bring some friends!