Ruby Jon are Ripe! Labor Day Weekend Hours

This Labor Day weekend, we are open regular hours, including OPEN Monday. Monday-Saturdays, 8am-6pm, Sundays, 12pm-6pm.


Ruby Jon is ready for picking!

                                                                      Ruby Jon

                                                                      Ruby Jon

Really pretty red, small to medium size apple, more tart than sweet flavor but not super tart.  Great for applesauce, pies and eating.  If you have loved the old time Jonathon apple, this one is for you! 

These are my new favorite apples for applesauce in the last few years!  I tried all the applesauce samples at our apple festival a few years ago and really was drawn to Ruby Jon.  Do you guys love it for applesauce too?  Same as Ruby Mac in the fact, that if you leave some of the peel in the mix, the applesauce turns a light pink color.  Kinda fun!





Ruby Mac

Honeycrisp (Updated 9/5/15-Still lots of Honeycrisp but not many of the big, red ones.  The ones out there now are medium-sized green with a bit of red.  Still sweet and tasty though.)



Hope you all have a great weekend!