Honeycrisp and 3 Rows of "Red" Jonagold are Ready!

The 2 main rows of Honeycrisp are now open!  Pick the red ones first, but even the ones that don't have lots of color are tasting pretty ripe. 

Honeycrisp are probably our most popular eating apple.  Sweet and very juicy.  They are good for pies too.  You can also use them for applesauce but they don't breakdown easily at all so you'd need to use a blender or food mill.



The 3 "Red" Jonagold colored up a ton over the weekend and they are GOOD! (South side back next to the railroad tracks).  We have 6 other rows of Jonagold that will be coming up a bit later.  They are usually always behind because they are older trees. 

Jonagold apples are a great all around apple.  Firm, crunchy and sweet for eating.  Larger sized apple.  Great for applesauce and pies.  One of my personal favorites!



Green D'Anjou pears are also ready.  We only sell these pre-picked.  $6 for a 2 gallon bucket size.  $12 for a 5 gallon bucket.  You MUST chill these pears 4-6 weeks in the fridge before they will ripen FYI.  The grocery stores do this for you already.

I welcome feedback on these pears.  Did they do well for those who purchased and chilled them last year?  Just want to make sure people are having good luck with them!  Please tell us when you come out or feel free to email at BeilkeFF@gmail.com

We still have lots of:


Smoothie (early variety of Golden Delicious)

Ruby Mac

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