U-Pick/We-Pick Blueberries Open Wed- Sat, 9am to 4pm. Also Pre-Picked Sweetheart Cherries are Available! Plus a Surprise for this Year!

Sweetheart Cherries will be available Saturday (July 8th) for sale!  (We only have these available we-pick, not u-pick)  About $2.50/lb...available in 3 different sizes; pints, 1# clamshell and half crate (5#).

We are open Wed to Sat, 9am to 4pm for u-pick blueberries until usually the end of July.  Still picking the large, delicious Dukes!  $1.20/u-pick price.  We-pick blueberries also available at the field.

We have loved having you out picking the blueberries!  Thanks for all the support.  Just such a fun time of year!

We also have a surprise up our sleeve for this year!  We planted 1000 tomatoes plants for u-pick! 

We have many different Roma varieties that do well for canning and salsa and also some slicer tomatoes for sandwiches, and burgers, etc.  We have enough to feed the whole United States I feel like so please spread the word for us!!  :)  I will let you know when those are ready to pick!  Right now there is some beautiful fruit starting to grow but waiting for them to color.

U-Pick tomatoes starting to grow!

U-Pick tomatoes starting to grow!