Blueberries, Blueberries and more Blueberries!!

Well looks like my pictures come up as words so sorry, no pictures again :(

Blueberries are never ending it seems. We are picking our late variety, Liberty, then we start again on our 3rd picking of Bluecrop.

We are soon to be starting wheat harvest, then combining our spinach and cabbage seed. I had great pictures to show you too which is a bummer.

The corn is growing well...about knee high right now. The beans too. Can't easily walk between the rows anymore. Sounds like we will be harvesting beans before 2 weeks are over.

Our fruit stand has been open the last week. We will be open again today (Friday) but closed tomorrow (Sat) because we are out of blueberries until Monday. We will be open again on Monday. Our new hours are 12-6pm. Blueberries and 3 types of fresh garlic are available at the stand now. Cherries and Marionberries are finished for the year.