Braeburn, Rome, and Fuji are ready!

Wow the Rome apples are beautiful this year!  They are well-known for being an excellent cooking/baking apple.  They keep their shape when baked, and are great for baking whole. rome close up

rome whole tree





























Braeburn are a great all-around apple with a sweet, firm crunch.   You can use it for pretty much anything...baking, applesauce, eating, etc.  Pretty good keeper too.

braeburn close up















fuji close up

Fuji apples are sweet and great for eating and good for baking.

(Fuji are SO close...tasty now but will be even sweeter by next week.  You choose what you like!)


(Please forgive the alignment of this post.  I am having problems with it today!)



fuji far away


















Other Apple Update:

We still have tons of Ruby Jon, Golden Delicous, Red Delicious, Jonagold and Melrose.

It may look like the rows are picked but if you walk halfway down, you will find the trees still loaded!

All pears are sold out for the season.  Thank you!


Don't forget about our 2nd Annual Apple Festival on Sat, October 18th from 10am-2pm!!

We will have applesauce tastings so you can see what apples you like best for sauce.

And apple sliced so you can taste the difference.

Plus a few apple art crafts for the kids and apple tours for anyone!


We love our customers!  She found some beautiful apples and was such a hard worker!  She was kind enough to let us take her picture :)

woman with apples