Red Delicious are ready.

The world's most well-known apple.  We all grew up with these in school it seems. Good for eating.  Much more tasty right off the tree...actually crispy and not mushy.

We have a half of row of them, plus random trees in the older section of the orchard.  The older section of Red Delicious are much more ripe and sweet right now than the single row.  The single row needs a little more time to ripen.  Ask us when you get here and we can point you in the right direction.

Red Delicious


Red Delicious 2 Red Delicious 3






































 Other Apple Update:

Jonagold:  Tons left.  We have many rows available.  So good!

Melrose, Golden Delicious, Ruby Jon:  Lots left.

Honeycrisp, Gala:  Done for the season.

Up Next:

Braeburn, Rome, Fuji, Gold Rush, Granny Smith are still a bit firm and ripening to get sweeter.   Sometime in October they will be ready.  Pink Lady are the last apple ready...usually mid to late October.  I'll keep you posted!