Granny Smith and Pink Lady are ready to pick!
Granny Smith are a favorite for those who like tart apples!  People love them for pies, salads and are great for dipping in caramel.  They are a pretty good keeper too for those who store them.

Pink Lady has a tart-sweet flavor and crisp, firm flesh..  Pink Lady are the latest ripening apple we grow!  I think it is one of the most pretty with the almost hot pink coloring.  It is the best keeper out of all the winter apples we grow.  Pink Lady are great for eating, salads and baking.  Definitely check these out!

(Sorry for the photos, I didn't get a chance to take any pictures since we were planting blueberries!)

Other Apple Update:
We still have lots of everything left!! 
Still lots of Jonagold, Fuji, Braeburn, Melrose, Golden Delicious, Gold Rush and also some Red Delicious in the older section of the orchard.  

We are guessing we will be open up to around Thanksgiving so you have plenty of time to still come out.

Farm Happenings:

We planted our 2 acre blueberry field yesterday and it didn't even rain on us until the last 1/2 hour!!  We had a grass field that we have slowly converted to blueberries over the past 5 years.  This planting is the last one and the field is finally fully converted!!  Kind of exciting for us to reach that goal.

Here we are loading up the boxes of blueberry plants to take to the field.

 We have a long piece of PVC pipe that marks the distance between where each plant needs to go.  We just keep pulling the pipe down the whole row until the whole row is dug.

 Getting ready to lay the plants out.

 Whoops, not suppose to dump the box over!  All was ok though.  Only thing lost was a bit of time.

 We lay the plants by the holes, then we come back and plant them.  We had plenty of help so the whole process went fast.

 Then have to pick up all the plant sleeves.

 All finished!  
Since each section of the field is the same variety but planted different years, we name each section in the order of where it appears in the United States..  This last field was named "Liberty Virginia," in honor of my brother's wife.  She was born and raised there!  Our other fields are Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Minnesota...... and now Virginia.  Everyone that drives by asks, "What kind of variety is Liberty Oregon?."  hehe.