Honeycrisp and Gala

Apple Update:

The two regular rows of Honeycrisp aren't quite ready yet but we have one oddball row where every other tree is Honeycrisp....and those are perfectly ready and looking very nice. The regular rows of Honeycrisp, for a guess, will be ready in 1-2 weeks.

And where do I begin about the Galas....? We have some smaller trees that have some decent looking Red Galas that are ready now, and a few bigger old Gala trees behind the shop.
The rest of the Galas though are looking pretty bad this year. You're welcome to come check them out but they aren't pretty. Come in about a week for those.

The Jonagold will be the next apple to be ready. Give them about 2 weeks and check back on the blog for an update.

This year was a hard year on apples because of all the rain and ongoing cold spring weather. While there are some varieties that are beautiful, some varieties are hard to look at this year.

That's the life of a farmer though :)

Looking forward to seeing you all this year.

P.S. For those of you who have never been before, you should know you need to bring boxes or bags to take your apples home in. We have buckets you can pick into but please transfer the apples into your own container when you leave.

We are a working farm with many other crops to take care of so unfortunately we are in and out a lot. It is best to bring small bills, or a check just in case you can't find us for change. If someone is in the office, we also have a VISA machine. Sorry for the times that you come and we are not there. I try my best to have good signage but please give suggestions on how we can do things better! Thanks!