Cameos, Granny Smith and Braeburn are ready

Cameos, Granny Smith, Braeburn are ready now!

Here is what said about Cameos:

"It used to be that red apples were all the rage. In fact, growers actually got paid for color — the redder they could make the apple, the more money they made.

Trouble was, getting apples red resulted in thick, tough skin and soft, mealy flesh. People that love apples for their taste and crunch were not happy with the poor quality. And they said so loud and clear, by simply not buying red apples.

Cameo growers got the message loud and clear. So, instead of growing for color, they grew an apple specifically for taste and crunch. By toning down the red, they were able to keep the skin very thin, the flavor sweet yet tart, and the flesh very crunchy."

There is also a friendly disagreement between us if the Braeburns are ready. :) One says yes, and one says no. So I will go try them out again and report back!
Ok 15 minutes later....the verdict...The Braeburns are still pretty firm but have a good flavor underneath. I think if you were eating it by the slice they would be very tasty but biting into them I'd wait another week. So that's the best I can tell you :) It is especially a good time to pick them if you are planning on storing them though.

Gold Rush are getting close but not quite ready.

Pink Lady aren't ready yet either. They are always the last apple to be ready.

Going to be a nice week to come pick!