Last day of apple picking is Fri, Dec 7th.

Good morning!

Just wanted to give an update.

After analyzing the situation, we have decided our last day of apple picking for this year will be Friday, December 7th. 

Thank you so much for the great year!  God definitely had blessed us with beautiful apples this year and customers who have so much fun when they come out.

You must all be telling your friends because we seem to have new people every year.  Thanks for the word of mouth advertising!

I will admit, it is always strange at the end of August to have all these people showing up at our farm.  But by December when apple season is over, it always seems way too quiet and sad without you all!!!  It has been fun to hear all your stories and all the plans you have for the apples.

Hope to see you again next year!  We will be working hard until then to grow some nice apples!