Ice Apples

You've heard about them, you've seen them advertised in the newspaper, well.... they are here!!!
Ice Apples!
If you've never heard of them, the blog, my has this to say about them: 
"Technically they are your basic Fuji apple, very sweet with good crunch. What makes these different is they are picked during the last days of October - the last of the season - and leaving them on the tree a little longer, allowing the center of the apples to crystallize a bit, leaving a pocket of juiciness in the center. This makes the entire apple just a bit sweeter."
Check out this You Tube video and article about ice apples if you' ve never heard about them!
Come try them and see what you think!
To find them in the orchard, look for the 3 rows labeled Fuji, and walk 3/4 of the way down to the far end.  The trees are loaded down at the end!
We also have:
Pink Lady
Gold Rush
Granny Smith
Still all nice and crisp!
There are also some Golden Delicious and Red Delicious out there but getting on the softer side.  
Golden Delicious would still be fine for cooking though.
Remember this is our last weekend officially open!  After this weekend, it will be self-serve until I post otherwise.  Just pay at the office when you leave.

Still time to pick so you can make that Thanksgiving apple pie!

Today's post could be the same as the last one!  We still have lots of apples available.

Pink Lady
Granny Smith
Gold Rush
Golden Delicious
Red Delicious

All above are still nice and crisp and fresh.  

You could still find some Jonagold out there if you look.

To find where the most apples are left to pick, walk down to the orange cone and start picking there.  The farther down the row you go, the better the picking!  The far ends of the rows are usually still loaded and fast picking!

We do have some apples pre-picked up by the office if you'd rather go that route.  $12/bucket for those.

Last day the orchard will be open for the season is 
Wednesday, Nov 27th.
We will still have apples after that date if you really still want some but the orchard will be self-service.  Just stop and pay at the office when you are done picking.  We will post again when the orchard is totally closed to the public so check back here if you are uncertain.