Jonagold, Melrose and Liberty Apples are now ready!

Update Sept 2, 2016:  D'Anjou pears are available now! 

Pre-picked only, $7.00 per small bucket (about 11lbs) 

FYI, D'Anjou pears need to be chilled for 2-6 weeks before they will ripen on the your counter.  They don't ripen to a yellow like a Bartlett pear.  D'Anjou's stay green when ripe, so how to tell is to press your finger in the neck of the pear and if you can indent the fruit a little bit, then it is ready to eat.

Three new varieties are ready to pick!

Jonagold apples are huge this year.  One of the best all-around apples!  Great for eating, baking and applesauce.  Very juicy.  One of my favorites.  Definitely will be easy to process the apples this year because of their size!


Melrose apples

Melrose apples

Melrose are a great baking apple.  They keep their shape and flavor after baking.  It is a great apple for baking whole.  They are a nice eating apple too, especially if you let it sit for a bit after being picked.  Melrose are a cross between a Red Delicious and Jonathon apple. 


Liberty apples

Liberty apples

Liberty apples are smaller size but with lots of flavor.  A very crispy apple that is tart sweet with a zing.  Liberty are amazing to grow because they are apple scab immune and resistant to mildew, cedar apple rust and fire blight.  That is pretty amazing for an apple!  I heard they are really good for drying, plus eating, pies and applesauce and apple butter.   Let me know if you do!  FYI, we have one row of these but they are planted every other tree with Honeycrisp.  They won't last long!


Other varieties update:

Honeycrisp:  You will have no problem finding them out there.  Greener color left with a little red striping but still you'll find plenty that are a decent size and they still have good flavor.  If you want some redder ones, just keep walking until you get over halfway.

Gala:  Beautiful red/yellow color.  Tons out there still.

Ruby Jon:  Giant amount left.  Beautiful.

Ruby Mac:  3/4 of a row left.  These are still so beautiful too.

Smoothies:  Maybe 2 buckets left.