Apple Festival Scavenger Hunt Winner is Announced!

Kathryn Hammond you won the drawing from participating in the scavenger hunt at the apple festival!!  You win a gift certificate for a free bucket of apples!  Look for an email from us.


Thanks to all that were able to come to the Apple Festival on Saturday!!  You all made it great fun.  We loved all the enthusiasm for the scavenger hunt and Gator rides!  And it was fun to hear the opinions of the differences of likes in the applesauce flavors.  The Melrose apple seemed to stand out as the winner in the apple taste test this year and it was all over the board for a favorite in the applesauce. 

And thank you so much Egami Construction for surprising us with putting up the lighted reader boards.  You guys have been awesomely supportive neighbors!

Apple Update:

Winter apples are available now.  Fuji are at least a week away still.  Check previous post for a more detailed update.  Only difference is that we still have a small amount of Jonagold but they will be done very soon. 

Still Roma tomatoes available too!  $0.50/lb.  Pumpkins available too!

Cripps Pink, Braeburn, Gold Rush, Granny Smith and Rome are Ready!

The winter storage apples are finally ready!


Cripps Pink (exact same apple as Pink Lady) is medium size apple with a zingy, crunchy flavor.  The very best for storing long term in my opinion.  Great for eating, baking, applesauce and lots of flavor left when you dry them too.


Braeburn are a firm, crunchy apple.  Mildly sweet/tart.  Great for baking, applesauce and eating.  Also good for storage.  We will be encouraging you to pick the Braeburn in the southeast corner first because they are sweeter than the row at the time.


Gold Rush are a medium-tart apple.  Great for eating, baking and applesauce.  These are also an excellent storage apple.


Granny Smith is our tartest apple.  Most well-known for making an excellent pie and other baking.  Good for storing.


Rome is a beautiful red apple with a mild flavor.  Known for being a great cooking apple for pies and baking.

Other Apples Still Available:  Ruby Jon, Melrose, Golden Delicious, Red Delicious, Jonathons and Jonagold apples (Jonagold will be gone soon, after the weekend for sure, maybe before).  Liberty, Ruby Mac and Gala apples are done for the season. 

Still to Come:  Fuji.  I'm guessing 10 days at least for these.  Just not very sweet yet.

Tomatoes:    Tomatoes are actually still going strong.  Most of the ones on top look bad but when you look underneath inside the bushes, there are LOTS of nice ones.  I'll keep you posted on how they do after all this rain.  $0.50/lb.

Pumpkins:  Lot of pumpkins available.

See you all at our apple festival this weekend!  Saturday 10am to 2pm.